What does having a fur baby puppy dog mean to you?

Socialization? Connection? Companionship? Friendship?

Someone to come home to?

We understand.

After we moved to the country and welcomed our Cocker Spaniel, Ms. Jazz, we have so much enjoyed the fun and relaxation she has brought.


Our Story

Even though both my wife and I grew up in the country, our married life had us settling in multiple locations in the towns nearby. City life for us meant animals are not as easy to host.

After our kiddos came along, the promise came that "once we live in the country we will be getting a dog." That day came.

We found a beautiful site on a couple acres in the country. One of the first items on the list: welcoming our puppy dog.

After we started, we decided we may as well welcome more of these fur babies to our farmette with open spaces. More fur babies to love. Let's all enjoy it together!


Her Story

I have my own experience growing up on a dairy and being around dogs all my life on the farm. However, having the loving companionship and connection to a dog meant something way different for my wife.

She faced personal challenges as she was growing up and so many times she felt she needed to let it all and process it by talking to someone. While she did have friends to support her, and others who she could share with, she could always count on their friendly farm dog who listened—intently.

As she spilled her guts of what she was experiencing and what she was working through, their dog sat there, looking her straight in the eyes and tilting his head, listening and working through it all with her.

Having the presence of a dog around took on a completely different meaning.

She felt he truly lended what seemed like an understanding ear that helped her process her struggles.

After I heard her story, I could better understand the importance of having a dog or even several dogs around.

So thus, having puppy dogs on our little farmette has a much deeper meaning. We enjoy interacting with families who adopt our babies and hearing their stories.

We have found that people who have pet dogs are friendly and loving.

We enjoy doing our best to be good matchmakers and helping to find the perfect fit: Cockapoo puppy dog to adopting family.

Check around and let us know if you have any questions. Feel free to use the contact form below.


Loving people and the fur babies,

Arlen & Ruth Miller and family

Dundee, Ohio